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Deleteing Rows which have missing values


Split a Dataset into Train/Test

train = dataset.sample(frac=0.95,random_state=200)
test = dataset.drop(train.index)

Select Rows based on Condition

ds[ds['colname1'] == 'value']

# Let's select all the rows which have as value
# in colnam2 the string America or Europe

# Now we perform a negation of the previous filter with
# the character '~'

Concatenate rows of two different datasets with same columns

In order to concatenate rows of more datasets we can basically do:

pd.concat([df1, df2, df3], ignore_index = True)

A useful shortcut to concat() are the append() instance methods on Series and DataFrame. These methods actually predated concat. They concatenate along axis=0, namely the index:

result = df1.append(df2, ignore_index = True)

Another example of this, is when our dataset is split among more files, in this case we can do:

frames = [ process_your_file(f) for f in files ]
result = pd.concat(frames, ignore_index = True)