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Getting the maximum among more columns

To create an additional column which is the maximum among different columns we can simply do:

dss['top_topic_value'] = dss[['topic_0','topic_1','topic_2']].max(axis=1)

Anyway what if we need to get the column name which has the maximum value? In this case we can simply use the idxmax method, like this:

dss['top_topic'] = dss[['topic_0','topic_1','topic_2']].idxmax(axis=1)

Cumulative Sum of a Column

Given a column, we can build a cumulative sum of the column by using:

ds['cum_sum'] = ds.columnname.cumsum()
ds['cum_perc'] = 100*ds.cum_sum/ds.columnname.sum()

ds.cum_perc.plot() # plots the cumulative distribution