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All the NMAP scan options are available through the lower case "-s" followed by an uppercase letter:

  • U: UDP Scan
  • T: TCP Connect Scan
  • S: TCP Half-Open Scan
  • N: TCP Null Scan
  • F: TCP FIN Scan
  • X: TCP Xmas Scan
  • A: TCP ACK Scan

Let's notice that only one of these scans are used with UDP, all the others are used with TCP:

  • U: UDP Scan
  • S,T,N,F,X,A: TCP Scans

Once a specific scan is selected, nmap sends appropriate packets to the host, and one of four results might occur:

  • Open: We received an Application Reply
  • Closed: We received either: -- UDP:ICMP 3,3 -- TCP: RST packet
  • Error Message: We receive an ICMP 3,x packet, which means there is something between me and that port which is not allowing me to transmit data to that port
  • No response

For each of these scans, we can investigate the reason for the given response.