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Since nmap as we have seen has many options to set the performance vs accuracy tradeoff, it even provides 6 "Timing Templates" which will go from "super slow" to "crazy fast" which will let us not set every options manually. We can set one of these 6 templates:

  • -T 0 (paranoid) #super slow
  • -T 1 (sneaky)
  • -T 2 (polite)
  • -T 3 (normal) #this is the default option
  • -T 4 (aggressive)
  • -T 5 (insane) #super fast

let's see some example of usage of these timing templates:

 nmap -T polite
 # performs a polite scan (-T 2)
 nmap -T 4
 # performs an aggressive scan (-T 4)

As we can notice, we can specify the timing template with both the number or a string. If we would inspect some of these templates we would notice that:

  • -T 3 has the following settings:
  • --max-rtt-timeout 1250ms
  • --initial-rtt-timeout 500ms
  • --max-retries 6
  • --scan-delay 10ms
  • -T 5 has the following settings:
  • --max-rtt-timeout 300ms
  • --initial-rtt-timeout 50ms
  • --max-retries 2
  • --scan-delay 5ms

Ok which one to use then ? Well it is recommended for:

  • Internet Scan (-T 3)
  • Local Scan (-T 4)
  • My own machines (-T 5)