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ncat -C 80
 # in this case we use ncat as a web
 # browser, since we request tcp data to the specified address on
 # the port 80, and we use "-C" to convert CLRF chacters to actual
 # newlines; we need to remember that we must press "Enter" twice
 # to send the request.

Let's see some examples of request:

  • In the case of HTTP/1.0
GET /fileName HTTP/1.0
  • In the case of HTTP/1.1
GET /fileName HTTP/1.1
Host: nomeHost

we have to remember that HTTP/1.1 supports virtual hosts, so even need to specify to which we are connecting to

to be able to connect to HTTPS websites we can execute:

ncat -C --ssl 443
 # mi connetto ad un webserver sulla porta 443